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Saint Lucy Yi Zhenmei

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.

    Facts about St. Lucy Yi Zhenmei

  • Lucy grew up in 19th century China and had a great love for reading.
  • She taught the faith to children and became an enthusiastic missionary.
  • The Chinese government imprisoned Lucy and sentenced her to death for her refusal to renounce the faith.

Saint Valentine

Be vigilant, stay firm in he faith, be brave and strong. Let everything you do be done in love.
1 Corinthians 16:13-14

    Facts about St. Valentine

  • Valentine was a 3rd-century bishop and martyr.
  • Tradition has it that, while imprisoned, Valentine secretly married couples so husbands would not have to fight in the war.
  • Since the Middle-Ages, he has been associated with courtly love.

Saint Jerome Emiliani

If the, you remain constant in faith in the face of trial, the Lord will give you peace and rest for a time in this world, and forever in the next.

    Facts about St. Jerome Emiliani

  • Jerome was a 16th-century prisoner of war who escaped through the intercession of Mary.
  • He founded a religious order and spent his spare time ministering in the hospital.
  • Jerome cared for many orphans who were abandoned after a plague struck Italy. He is the patron saint of abandoned children.

Blessed Luigi Variara

I feel so happy to be a Salesian, and I bless the Lord for having sent me to this leper colony where I learned how to gain heaven.

    Facts about Bl. Luigi Variara

  • Luigi became a Salesian priest after a profound encounter with Don Bosco.
  • He devoted his life to serving hundreds of lepers in Colombia.
  • Luigi established a religious congregation with the intention of giving lepers the chance to enter religious life. He died in 1923.