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 Our Lady of Guadalupe

Do not be distressed. Am I not here with you who am your mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection?

    Facts about  Our Lady of Guadalupe

  • St. Juan Diego received visions of her on Tepeyac Hill in 1531. Her image miraculously appeared on Juan's tilma when he presented roses to the bishop.
  • The image has been examined by modern technology and scientists cannot explain its method of productivity or longevity.
  • Today, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico is the most visited Catholic pilgrimage site in the world.

Saint John of Damascus

The whole earth is a living icon of the face of God.

    Facts about St. John of Damascus

  • John of Damascus was an 8th century Syrian monk and priest.
  • He made many contributions to the fields of law, philosophy, theology, and music.
  • He is venerated as a Doctor of the Church and the patron saint of theology students and icon painters.

Blessed Marie-Clementine Nengapeta

I forgive you for you know not what you are doing.

    Facts about Bl. Marie-Clementine Nengapeta

  • She was born into a heathen family and was baptized at age 6.
  • She joined the Holy Family Sisters where she joyfully loved those in her care.
  • In 1964, a civil war broke out in Congo. Rebels stormed her convent, and she was martyred for refusing to violate her vow to chastity.

Saint Cecilia

Arise, soldiers of Christ, throw away the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.

    Facts about St. Cecilia

  • She was a noble lady of Rome who was beheaded for her faith in the year 230.
  • She is the patron saint of musicians because during her wedding she sang in her heart to the Lord.
  • After she died, her house became a church named after her. Her feast day has been celebrated for over 1,700 years.