Saints of the Week

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Blessed Cecilia Schelingova

I want to do God's will without paying attention to myself.

    Facts about Bl. Cecilia Schelingova

  • Cecilia was a Slovak religious sister during the communist persecution in former Czechoslovakia.
  • She worked in the hospital and aided priests fleeing the persecution.
  • She was caught, imprisoned, and maltreated until her death in 1955 at the age of 38.

Saint Albert the Great

The greater and more persistent your confidence in God, the more abundantly you will receive what you ask.

    Facts about St. Albert the Great

  • Albert was a 13th-century German Dominican friar and bishop.
  • He has been considered one of the greatest philosophers and theologians of the Middle Ages.
  • Thomas Aquinas studied under Albert. Today, they are both considered Doctors of the Church.

Blessed Francisco Palau

The great work of God is cultivated within.

    Facts about Bl. Francisco Palau

  • Francisco was born in Spain in 1811 to a devout Catholic family.
  • He became a Discalced Carmelite friar and priest amidst the Spanish government's harsh religious persecution.
  • Francisco founded a Congregation of Third Order Discalced Carmelites which continues to serve the less fortunate throughout the world.

Blessed Karl of Austria

Now we must help each other to get to Heaven.
Bl. Karl of Austria to his wife, Empress Zita

    Facts about Bl. Karl of Austria

  • After his uncle, Franz Ferdinand, was assassinated in 1914, Karl became the ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He would be the last ruler of the Empire.
  • Karl prayed the rosary daily and always sought to put his Christian faith first when making decisions.
  • He has been praised for being a peacemaker during World War I.